1996 Shell Superbike Series

Peter Goddard and Marty Craggill were again clear favourites at the start of 1996, but their seasons started with a crash and a breakdown each. Relative newcomer and surprise pole-position qualifier Troy Bayliss took advantage to dominate the first round, and for the rest of the year Craggill and Goddard had to claw their way back to him. Goddard's brand new model Suzuki certainly helped, and now that he had the latest equipment his pace was unhindered. In the last 10 of 16 races he was never lower than second, with Craggill alongside him most of the time and Bayliss clinging to their heels. The latter two were given a boost by the introduction of Kawasaki's brand new ZX-7RR later in the season, and all three had a shot at the title in the final round at Oran Park. The young Bayliss gave it everything in the fight for the title but once Goddard powered past and team-mate Craggill began to shove him around, he had to settle for 3rd and finished runner-up by a scant 4 points to Ansett Air Freight Suzuki's Peter Goddard who claimed both his and Suzuki's first Superbike title.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1996-02-041Flag of Australia SandownShell Australian Touring Car Championship Round 2
1996-03-172Flag of Australia Symmons PlainsShell Australian Touring Car Championship Round 4
1996-04-143Flag of Australia Phillip IslandShell Australian Touring Car Championship Round 5
1996-04-284Flag of Australia Calder ParkShell Australian Touring Car Championship Round 6GO!
1996-06-025Flag of Australia MallalaShell Australian Touring Car Championship Round 9GO!
1996-06-166Flag of Australia Oran ParkShell Australian Touring Car Championship Round 10GO!

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1996-02-04 Sandown: All sessions

1996-03-17 Symmons Plains: All sessions, Entry list

1996-04-14 Phillip Island: All sessions

1996-04-28 Calder Park: All sessions, Entry list

1996-06-02 Mallala: All sessions

1996-06-16 Oran Park: All sessions

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