1995 Suomen Mestaruus Superbike Champion

Points system

Riders Championship: 1st: 20; 2nd: 17; 3rd: 15; 4th: 13; 5th: 11; 6th: 10; 7th: 9; 8th: 8; 9th: 7; 10th: 6; 11th: 5; 12th: 4; 13th: 3; 14th: 2; 15th: 1.

Only the 4 best scores (from 5 races) for each rider count towards their total.

Riders Championship

P.RiderTotalGapFlag of FinlandMOTFlag of FinlandKEMFlag of FinlandBOTFlag of FinlandMOTFlag of FinlandALA
1Flag of FinlandErkka KORPIAHO80020(17)202020
2Flag of FinlandHarri MAIKOLA66-14171517(15)17
3Flag of FinlandBen NYMAN54-26131313(13)15
4Flag of FinlandJuha BERNER52-28201517
5Flag of FinlandRaimo KESSELI34-4685813
6Flag of FinlandJuha KYLLÖNEN33-47111111
7Flag of FinlandMauri Juhani TÖRMÄ33-4779710
8Flag of FinlandPetri SOROLA31-496610(5)9
9Flag of FinlandJukka TALONPOIKA28-529109
10Flag of FinlandTimo PAAVILAINEN26-541511
11Flag of FinlandJanne VESTERINEN24-567386
12Flag of FinlandKlaus HÄMEENNIEMI19-61910
13Flag of FinlandAri LAMPINEN14-66104
14Flag of FinlandHeikki NEUVONEN14-66428
15Flag of FinlandArto LEPPÄLÄ13-6758
16Flag of FinlandHeikki HILTUNEN11-6911