1990 FIM Superbike European Championship

Between March 17 and September 30 1990, 131 riders competed in 9 races on 9 circuits.

Race summary

Key: E = total entries / P = total riders who practised / Q = total qualifiers / S = total starters / C = total classified finishers.

DateCircuitWinnerEPQSCConditionsDistanceAvg. KMH
1990-03-17 JerezFlag of Germany Sven SEIDEL / Suzuki363528Sunny / Dry97.01 km129.87 km/h
1990-05-13 SalzburgringFlag of USA Richard ARNAIZ / Honda46363626Cloudy / Dry101.83 km175.86 km/h
1990-05-27Flag of Yugoslavia RijekaFlag of USA Richard ARNAIZ / Honda41363630Cloudy / Dry108.37 km154.86 km/h
1990-06-17 ZolderFlag of Italy Francesco MONACO / Ducati42363624Overcast / Dry100.42 km140.89 km/h
1990-06-26 Assen (Short)Flag of Germany Thomas FRANZ / Honda37363325Overcast / Dry70.43 km104.24 km/h
1990-07-08 AnderstorpFlag of USA Richard ARNAIZ / Honda4930303019Showers / Damp100.65 km144.73 km/h
1990-07-22Flag of Czechoslovakia MostFlag of Germany Sven SEIDEL / Suzuki7230292926Sunny / Dry116.14 km152.61 km/h
1990-08-19 MisanoFlag of USA Richard ARNAIZ / Honda45363624Sunny / Dry104.64 km153.07 km/h
1990-09-30 Donington ParkFlag of Germany Sven SEIDEL / Suzuki5836363523Raining / Wet100.58 km124.11 km/h

Rider statistics

Key: R = total races started / W = total wins / P = total podiums / PP = total pole positions / RT = total retirements / BF = best finish pos. / AF = average finish pos. / AP = average points scored per race / Fin. % = percentage of races finished / TL = total laps completed / BG = best grid position / AG = average grid position.

Flag of Spain Agüí García, César12525100.00 %232929
Flag of USA Arnaiz, Richard127.00946121214.1177.78 %19615
Flag of Great Britain Ashton, Dean12121100.00 %231313
Flag of Italy Biagioli, Roberto32224100.00 %782829
Flag of Italy Blora, Paolo22.0085692.7537.50 %125714
Flag of Switzerland Bolliger, Hanspeter11RT0.00 %03434
Flag of Italy Bosa, Lino12323100.00 %253535
Flag of Sweden Bosson, Lars32242433.33 %502027
Flag of Great Britain Bourne, Tim11RT0.00 %01515
Flag of Sweden Bruhn, Gunnar31922100.00 %722630
Flag of Austria Burkart, Samuel29.0097133.22100.00 %223815
Flag of Italy Calasso, Antonio11RT0.00 %131111
Flag of Italy Cantalupo, Giorgio8.00418182.0075.00 %79823
Flag of Switzerland Chesaux, Robert7.0032992.3333.33 %201616
Flag of Italy Clerici, Andrea Eros3.005113180.6080.00 %1031825
Flag of Italy Colombari, Massimiliano21292950.00 %381924
Flag of Great Britain Corner, Charlie12828100.00 %232828
Flag of France Cupillard, Thierry32242433.33 %322430
Flag of Netherlands Damme, Fred12222100.00 %182929
Flag of Belgium de Doncker, Eric11RT0.00 %132626
Flag of Spain de Juan Lluch, Enrique15.0031595.0066.67 %6139
Flag of Spain de la Hera Rosado, Eduardo31920100.00 %641928
Flag of Yugoslavia Dimitrijević, Daren41182175.00 %782028
Flag of Norway Dönnestad, Jack11RT0.00 %62828
Flag of Austria Doppler, Josef7.005112161.4080.00 %1161323
Flag of Belgium Emonts, Roger11818100.00 %242828
Flag of Italy Fabbri, Marino31.006113275.1750.00 %12417
Flag of France Ferracci, Florian31.008133103.8862.50 %159512
Flag of Germany Franz, Thomas78.00813179.75100.00 %199310
Flag of Italy Furlan, Fabrizio5.00111115.00100.00 %3099
Flag of Italy Garavini, Moreno11RT0.00 %163232
Flag of Great Britain Gladwin, Brent22RT0.00 %83233
Flag of France Granié, Marc4.008313170.5062.50 %1301523
Flag of Italy Grassetti, Gastone64.00921487.1188.89 %22015
Flag of Great Britain Graves, Peter4.008213180.5075.00 %1492028
Flag of Great Britain Green, Ian12020100.00 %233030
Flag of Netherlands Groote, Jim51162180.00 %1062228
Flag of Austria Grossauer, Alfred32161633.33 %29315
Flag of Germany Gruschka, Anton24.0078133.43100.00 %170313
Flag of Austria Hager, Alois11RT0.00 %93636
Flag of Germany Hambach, Wolfgang11.003110113.6766.67 %49911
Flag of Austria Harb, Mario11RT0.00 %153333
Flag of Hungary Harmati, Árpád84.00912279.33100.00 %22316
Flag of Switzerland Haussener, Fritz42172150.00 %781020
Flag of Yugoslavia Josipović, Dragan22224100.00 %512425
Flag of Czechoslovakia Junek, Vladislav11RT0.00 %62828
Flag of Germany Kaiser, Manfred4.00312201.33100.00 %722029
Flag of Switzerland Kellenberger, Marcel9.001779.00100.00 %1822
Flag of Switzerland Keller, Hansueli12222100.00 %232828
Flag of Austria Kemter, Dietmar2.00114142.00100.00 %241616
Flag of Austria Klabacher, Stefan19.00627133.1766.67 %126215
Flag of Switzerland Krummenacher, Peter21718100.00 %422829
Flag of Portugal Laranjeira, Alexandre21242450.00 %252223
Flag of Great Britain Leach, Dave21202050.00 %27312
Flag of Germany Liegibel, Klaus11717100.00 %231212
Flag of Sweden Lindholm, Christer63.00822107.88100.00 %204213
Flag of Great Britain Linscott, Mark58.0071478.2985.71 %155416
Flag of Great Britain Llewellyn, Matt11RT0.00 %022
Flag of France Lussiana, André8.0032882.6733.33 %52611
Flag of France Maisto, Louis-Luc11RT0.00 %83636
Flag of Great Britain Manley, Steve101.009312511.2288.89 %211510
Flag of Belgium Micha, Thierry11RT0.00 %222727
Flag of Norway Moe, Ray4.00112124.00100.00 %252121
Flag of Italy Monaco, Francesco66.009113167.3366.67 %179412
Flag of Italy Moschini, Gianluca4.00413171.00100.00 %1031221
Flag of France Mouchet, Philippe3.00113133.00100.00 %302020
Flag of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Muižnieks, Dzintars12525100.00 %252727
Flag of Spain Muñoz Martín, Carlos11RT0.00 %244
Flag of Norway Nordhagen, Per Harry11RT0.00 %172626
Flag of Austria Oberfrank, Harald21171750.00 %372628
Flag of Netherlands Pajic, Mile6.003110152.0066.67 %44512
Flag of Belgium Parijs, Ignace51721100.00 %1132330
Flag of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Priedītis, Alvis11RT0.00 %03030
Flag of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Randla Jr., Jüri11818100.00 %242727
Flag of Austria Rechberger, Anton12626100.00 %233232
Flag of Germany Rubatto, Mario2.00114142.00100.00 %2644
Flag of Spain Sagardogui Uzcudun, José María11616100.00 %233333
Flag of Spain Saura Widmayer, Ralf11RT0.00 %111515
Flag of Italy Scatola, Bruno13030100.00 %253333
Flag of Germany Seidel, Sven127.009351414.11100.00 %22326
Flag of Czechoslovakia Ševčík, Pavel12626100.00 %252929
Flag of Belgium Siméon, Michel4.004112181.0075.00 %871018
Flag of Great Britain Simpson, Ian42.00511278.4080.00 %105414
Flag of Belgium Simul, Michel56.009122296.2277.78 %181112
Flag of Sweden Sköld, Peter4.005214160.8060.00 %991521
Flag of Yugoslavia Šola, Ivan11RT0.00 %122424
Flag of Sweden Sturesson, Anders2.00114142.00100.00 %251919
Flag of Spain Suárez Ramilo, Ángel12727100.00 %233636
Flag of Great Britain Swann, Ray15.00113315.00100.00 %2555
Flag of France Tranois, Jean-Louis1.00315170.33100.00 %811924
Flag of Austria Truchsess, Karl17.002111228.5050.00 %4116
Flag of Norway Valderhaug, Rolf Kåre11RT0.00 %151818
Flag of Italy Valdo, Alessandro11616100.00 %302626
Flag of Netherlands van der Wal, Gerard11RT0.00 %1188
Flag of Netherlands van Keeken, Wim12323100.00 %183131
Flag of Finland Vartiainen, Raimo1.00315170.33100.00 %731923
Flag of Belgium Végis, Fabrice21262650.00 %323131
Flag of Great Britain Ward, Andy7.001997.00100.00 %2599
Flag of Great Britain Weston, Gary11717100.00 %242424
Flag of Great Britain Williams, Steve11RT0.00 %81212
Flag of Switzerland Zanetta, Philippe12424100.00 %232626
Flag of Switzerland Zwicker, Urs11RT0.00 %22929

Manufacturer statistics

Key: C = total competitors representing this manufacturer / R = total races started / W = total wins / P = total podiums / PP = total pole positions / RT = total retirements / BF = best finish pos. / AF = average finish pos. / AP = average points scored per race / Fin. % = percentage of races finished / TL = total laps completed / BG = best grid position / AG = average grid position.

Bimota5711521461.54 %281115
Ducati119121311359.38 %588419
Honda36951272811378.29 %2758117
Kawasaki10811821861.90 %371120
Suzuki14937711283.72 %905214
Yamaha28942021470.59 %1321219