1990-10-27 to 1990-10-28

Campeonato de España de Velocidad

Jarama (Permanent circuit, 3.8580 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: 42 / Qualified: 36

Map of Jarama circuit.

Entry list

2Flag of SpainXavier ARENAS26Michelin tyresHonda RC30
3Flag of SpainCarlos MUÑOZ?Michelin tyresHonda RC30
4Flag of SpainRalf SAURA?Michelin tyresYamaha OW01
6Flag of SpainLuis Carlos MAUREL23Pirelli tyresYamaha OW01
7Flag of SpainErnesto CASTELLAR?Yamaha
8Flag of SpainAntonio GARCÍA36Michelin tyresYamaha OW01
11Flag of SpainCésar AGÜÍ29Pirelli tyresHonda RC30
12Flag of SpainEduardo DE LA HERA25Honda
14Flag of SpainGenis GELADA31Suzuki
17Flag of SpainJosé GOMEZ?Suzuki
18Flag of SpainOscar PALMA?Suzuki
19Flag of SpainAlberto TORRES?Honda
20Flag of SpainRogelio NACIMIENTO29Suzuki
23Flag of SpainEduardo RODRÍGUEZ?Suzuki
24Flag of SpainAgustin FORMOSO?Suzuki
25Flag of SpainAlfredo AÑÓN?Suzuki
26Flag of SpainAlfonso VALDES?Yamaha
27Flag of SpainArmando BARBÉ?Honda
28Flag of SpainJorge GONZALEZ?Suzuki
29Flag of SpainJordi LÓPEZ?Honda RC30
30Flag of SpainEnrique DE JUAN20Michelin tyresHonda RC30
33Flag of SpainLaurentino DIAZ?Suzuki
34Flag of SpainJuan LÓPEZ MELLA25Dunlop tyresHonda RC30
36Flag of SpainEnrique QUILEZ?Ducati
37Flag of SpainRuben MENENDEZ?Suzuki
39Flag of SpainAlfredo PAREDES?Suzuki
40Flag of SpainManuel DEL PRADO?Suzuki
41Flag of SpainManuel DE FRANCISCO?Kawasaki
42Flag of SpainCarlos ACOSTA?Honda
44Flag of SpainAgustin MARTÍNEZ?Yamaha
45Flag of SpainCarlos GARCÍA?Honda
48Flag of SpainDaniel AMATRIAÍN23Michelin tyresHonda RC30
49Flag of SpainMariano URDIN?Honda
50Flag of SpainJosé Lorenzo CABRERA?Honda
52Flag of SpainÁngel SUÁREZ?Honda
55Flag of SpainJosé Maria PARDO?Ducati
57Flag of SpainJosé María SAGARDOGUI?Honda RC30
60Flag of SpainJuan DE DIOS?Suzuki
61Flag of SpainPedro Manuel DOLERA?Yamaha
63Flag of SpainJosé DIAZ?Suzuki
64Flag of SpainJosé MOÑITA?Suzuki
65Flag of SpainLuis BALLESTEROS?Suzuki

Struck out text denotes riders on entry list who did not participate.


Official results/ Official points table/ El Mundo Deportivo 1990⁠-⁠10⁠-⁠30 pg46/ Solo Moto n.755 1990⁠-⁠10⁠-⁠31