1991-05-31 to 1991-06-02

World Superbike Canadian Round

Mosport (Permanent circuit, 3.9570 km)
Event permit: IMN 02/4
Timekeepers: Canadian Timing Association
Entries: 29 / Practised: 19 / Qualified: 17


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  • 31 May, Fri
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  • 1 Jun, Sat
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  • 2 Jun, Sun
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  • Race 1

    Scheduled duration: 25 laps
    Started: 17 / Classified: 15

    Scheduled start time: 12:00
    Weather: Sunny / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeLapsTimeGapKM/HBest LapOnGr.
    172Flag of CanadaPascal PICOTTEDunlop tyresYamaha2435:17.030161.491:26.88242
    213Flag of CanadaYves BRISSONDunlop tyresHonda2435:24.4557.425160.931:27.454174
    373Flag of CanadaSteve CREVIERDunlop tyresKawasaki2435:26.4129.382160.781:27.944165
    426Flag of CanadaLinnley CLARKEDunlop tyresYamaha2435:33.22716.197160.271:27.974179
    575Flag of CanadaMichael TAYLORKawasaki2435:55.97938.949158.581:28.76638
    663Flag of CanadaBenoît PILONYamaha2435:57.22640.196158.481:28.717136
    732Flag of USAJames ADAMOMichelin tyresDucati2435:57.25740.227158.481:28.74347
    898Flag of USAJohn HOPPERSTADMichelin tyresYamaha2436:41.5101:24.480155.301:30.6371911
    935Flag of USAChristian GARDNERYamaha2335:49.8981 lap152.401:31.5142216
    1038Flag of CanadaTom ETHERINGTONYamaha2335:50.0291 lap152.391:31.7042314
    1188Flag of CanadaClyde MacDONALDSuzuki2336:08.1241 lap151.121:33.1682013
    1245Flag of CanadaMike WALSHYamaha2336:21.8681 lap150.161:33.189915
    1341Flag of USAPhil KRESSKawasaki2336:35.3931 lap149.241:30.4851910
    14171Flag of CanadaFrantišek MRÁZEKDucati2235:25.9792 laps147.411:35.169612
    1557Flag of CanadaDon VANCESuzuki2235:30.4192 laps147.101:35.801717
    RT24Flag of CanadaRueben McMURTERDunlop tyresHonda45:59.195Engine158.631:28.09423
    RT76Flag of USATom KIPPDunlop tyresYamaha34:38.322Exhaust153.551:27.55621
    Fastest lap72Flag of CanadaPascal PICOTTEDunlop tyresYamaha1:26.882 on lap 4163.96 km/h

    Boycotted by 31 riders due to lack of circuit safety measures. Shortened from 25 to 24 laps due to Brisson accidentally taking a 2nd warm-up lap.


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