1991-08-09 to 1991-08-11

World Superbike Swedish Round

Anderstorp (Permanent circuit, 4.0260 km)
Attendance: 10,700
Event permit: IMN 02/8
Timekeepers: KL-DATA Motala
Entries: 54 / Practised: 38 / Qualified: 36

Map of Anderstorp circuit.


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  • 9 Aug, Fri
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  • 10 Aug, Sat
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  • 11 Aug, Sun
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  • Qualifying 2

    Scheduled duration: 45 mins
    Started: 37 / Classified: 37

    Scheduled start time: 15:00
    Weather: ? / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeBest LapGapKM/HOnLaps
    123Flag of USADoug POLENDunlop tyresDucati1:34.42153.502121
    23Flag of BelgiumStéphane MERTENSPirelli tyresDucati1:35.120.70152.372023
    34Flag of AustraliaRob PHILLISMichelin tyresKawasaki1:35.210.79152.232525
    42Flag of ItalyFabrizio PIROVANOMichelin tyresYamaha1:35.471.05151.811922
    527Flag of USAFred MERKELPirelli tyresHonda1:35.741.32151.391722
    65Flag of Great BritainCarl FOGARTYMichelin tyresHonda1:36.361.94150.412425
    71Flag of FranceRaymond ROCHEMichelin tyresDucati1:36.682.26149.911220
    810Flag of FinlandJari SUHONENMichelin tyresYamaha1:36.792.37149.742223
    919Flag of Great BritainRob McELNEADunlop tyresYamaha1:36.792.37149.742122
    109Flag of ItalyGiancarlo FALAPPAMichelin tyresDucati1:37.152.73149.191823
    1155Flag of SwedenChrister LINDHOLMMichelin tyresYamaha1:37.162.74149.171925
    1299Flag of FranceJean Yves MOUNIERMichelin tyresYamaha1:37.212.79149.101923
    137Flag of Great BritainTerry RYMERDunlop tyresYamaha1:37.342.92148.901421
    1435Flag of GermanyPeter RUBATTOMichelin tyresYamaha1:37.733.31148.302022
    1548Flag of SpainDaniel AMATRIAÍNMichelin tyresHonda1:37.903.48148.041123
    1646Flag of HungaryÁrpád HARMATIMichelin tyresHonda1:37.983.56147.921023
    1730Flag of SpainJuan LÓPEZ MELLAMichelin tyresHonda1:38.143.72147.681323
    1817Flag of GermanyUdo MARKDunlop tyresYamaha1:38.173.75147.64824
    1994Flag of FranceChristophe GUYOTMichelin tyresHonda1:38.644.22146.931925
    2050Flag of ItalyPiergiorgio BONTEMPIMichelin tyresKawasaki1:38.764.34146.761722
    2188Flag of SwitzerlandUrs ZWICKERDunlop tyresYamaha1:38.784.36146.731822
    2254Flag of DenmarkRené RASMUSSENMetzeler tyresYamaha1:38.854.43146.62320
    2334Flag of ItalyMassimo MEREGALLIMichelin tyresYamaha1:38.864.44146.611824
    2424Flag of NetherlandsJeffry DE VRIESDunlop tyresYamaha1:38.934.51146.50815
    2532Flag of BelgiumRené DELABYMichelin tyresHonda1:39.014.59146.391017
    2653Flag of FranceYannick LE GAUDUMichelin tyresYamaha1:39.394.97145.832121
    2760Flag of GermanyWolfgang HAMBACHDunlop tyresKawasaki1:39.425.00145.781620
    2879Flag of NorwayRolf Kåre VALDERHAUGYokohama tyresYamaha1:40.105.68144.791018
    2929Flag of SwedenPeter GRANATHHonda1:40.976.55143.541221
    3078Flag of NorwayRay MOEMetzeler tyresHonda1:41.036.61143.461015
    3151Flag of FranceBruno BONHUILMichelin tyresYamaha1:41.296.87143.0947
    3244Flag of AustriaStefan KLABACHERMichelin tyresHonda1:41.457.03142.862424
    3375Flag of SwitzerlandRobert CHESAUXYokohama tyresHonda1:41.577.15142.702123
    3480Flag of AustriaAnton RECHBERGERMichelin tyresYamaha1:42.197.77141.831723
    3556Flag of FinlandKimmo KOPRAMichelin tyresYamaha1:44.319.89138.951617
    3676Flag of GermanySven SEIDELDunlop tyresSuzuki1:47.0412.62135.4013
    3737Flag of SwitzerlandAndreas HOFMANNMichelin tyresKawasaki1:54.3219.90126.7812

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