1991-09-27 to 1991-09-29

World Superbike French Round

Magny-Cours (Permanent circuit, 4.2710 km)
Attendance: 3,000
Event permit: IMN 02/12
Timekeepers: Chronometrage Officiel FFM - AFC
Entries: ? / Practised: 45 / Qualified: 36


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  • 27 Sep, Fri
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  • 28 Sep, Sat
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  • 29 Sep, Sun
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  • Entry list

    1Flag of FranceRaymond ROCHE34Michelin tyresDucati 888Corse Ducati Lucchinelli
    2Flag of ItalyFabrizio PIROVANO31Michelin tyresYamaha OW01BYRD-Yamaha-CP Racing
    3Flag of BelgiumStéphane MERTENS32Pirelli tyresDucati 851Total Wanty Stéphane Mertens Racing
    4Flag of AustraliaRob PHILLIS35Michelin tyresKawasaki ZXR750Team Kawasaki
    5Flag of Great BritainCarl FOGARTY26Michelin tyresHonda RC30Silkolene Honda Britain
    7Flag of Great BritainTerry RYMER24Dunlop tyresYamaha OW01Team Loctite Yamaha
    8Flag of ItalyBaldassarre MONTI30Pirelli tyresHonda RC30Team Rumi
    9Flag of ItalyGiancarlo FALAPPA28Michelin tyresDucati 888Corse Ducati Lucchinelli
    10Flag of FinlandJari SUHONEN24Michelin tyresYamaha OW01Arwidson Yamaha Team
    16Flag of Great BritainBrian MORRISON30Dunlop tyresYamaha OW01Team Drambuie
    17Flag of GermanyUdo MARK28Dunlop tyresYamaha OW01Mitsui Yamaha Racing Team
    18Flag of GermanyErnst GSCHWENDER35Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZXR750Team Green Kawasaki Deutschland
    19Flag of Great BritainRob McELNEA31Dunlop tyresYamaha OW01Team Loctite Yamaha
    20Flag of SwitzerlandEdwin WEIBEL35Dunlop tyresDucati 851Schnyder Ducati
    23Flag of USADoug POLEN31Dunlop tyresDucati 851Fast by Ferracci
    24Flag of NetherlandsJeffry DE VRIES27Dunlop tyresYamaha OW01Yamaha Racing Team Henk de Vries
    25Flag of ItalyDavide TARDOZZI32Pirelli tyresDucati 888Grottini Divisione Corse
    27Flag of USAFred MERKEL29Pirelli tyresHonda RC30Team Rumi
    28Flag of FranceFlorian FERRACCI25Michelin tyresDucati 851Maurice Motos
    29Flag of Great BritainSteve MANLEY31Metzeler tyresYamaha OW01
    30Flag of SpainJuan LÓPEZ MELLA26Michelin tyresHonda RC30Nivea Honda Team
    32Flag of BelgiumRené DELABY34Michelin tyresHonda RC30Team Wanty
    33Flag of PortugalAlex VIEIRA34Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZXR750Team Kawasaki France
    35Flag of GermanyPeter RUBATTO35Michelin tyresYamaha OW01Yamaha-Laaks Racing Team
    36Flag of FranceEmmanuel LENTAIGNE29Michelin tyresYamaha OW01Sonauto Yamaha
    37Flag of FrancePhilippe MOUCHET31Michelin tyresYamaha OW01
    38Flag of ItalyAldeo PRESCIUTTI30Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZXR750
    40Flag of SwitzerlandMarcel KELLENBERGER25Dunlop tyresYamaha OW01IXS Motorradmode
    41Flag of AustriaAnton BERGHAMMER36Michelin tyresYamaha OW01
    42Flag of FranceYannick LE GAUDU35Michelin tyresYamaha OW01
    43Flag of SwitzerlandPeter KRUMMENACHER30Honda RC30Heidelberger Honda Center
    48Flag of SpainDaniel AMATRIAÍN24Michelin tyresHonda RC30Team Dholda Honda
    49Flag of SwitzerlandSerge DAVID30Michelin tyresHonda RC30
    51Flag of FranceBruno BONHUIL31Michelin tyresYamaha OW01Motor Team Development
    52Flag of FranceAndré LUSSIANA35Honda RC30
    55Flag of SwedenChrister LINDHOLM25Michelin tyresYamaha OW01Team Yamaha Sweden
    61Flag of FranceThierry CRINE30Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZXR750Euro Moto Century
    63Flag of SwitzerlandJean-Luc ROMANENS28Dunlop tyresYamaha OW01
    66Flag of ItalyPiergiorgio BONTEMPI23Michelin tyresKawasaki ZXR750
    67Flag of FranceJean-Michel MATTIOLI31Michelin tyresYamaha OW01Cardinal Motos
    68Flag of FranceChristian LAVIEILLE25Michelin tyresDucati 888
    69Flag of SpainJosé María SAGARDOGUI?Pirelli tyresYamaha OW01
    70Flag of SwitzerlandUrs ZWICKER?Dunlop tyresYamaha OW01Keller TM Team
    72Flag of AustriaAndreas MEKLAU24Honda RC30Austrian Racing Company
    74Flag of SwitzerlandBruno BAMMERT?Metzeler tyresYamaha OW01IXS Motorradmode
    75Flag of SwitzerlandRobert CHESAUX26Yokohama tyresHonda RC30Michel Honda Racing
    78Flag of FranceMarc LONGO30Yamaha OW01
    79Flag of SwitzerlandJean-Pierre IMSTEPF29Michelin tyresDucati 851Moto Favre Racing Team
    94Flag of FranceChristophe GUYOT29Michelin tyresHonda RC30
    99Flag of FranceJean Yves MOUNIER30Michelin tyresYamaha OW01Sonauto Yamaha

    Struck out text denotes riders on entry list who did not participate.


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