1993-09-04 to 1993-09-05

Championnat de France Superbike

Lédenon (Permanent circuit, 3.1510 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: 25 / Qualified: 24


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  • 4 Sep, Sat
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  • No results.Qualifying 2
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  • 5 Sep, Sun
  • No results.Warm-Up
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  • Overall qualifying

    114Flag of FranceChristian LAVIEILLEDucati--.---
    26Flag of PortugalAlex VIEIRAYamaha--.---
    35Flag of FrancePhilippe MOUCHETDucati--.---
    47Flag of FranceDenis BONORISKawasaki--.---
    51Flag of FranceJean Yves MOUNIERYamaha--.---
    621Flag of FranceFlorian FERRACCIDucati--.---
    778Flag of FranceAlain LELANKawasaki--.---
    894Flag of FranceChristophe GUYOTKawasaki--.---
    920Flag of FranceBruno LANGLOISYamaha--.---
    1062Flag of FranceDominique MARZLOFFKawasaki--.---
    1145Flag of FranceWilfrid VEILLEKawasaki--.---
    1281Flag of FranceMichel AMALRICYamaha--.---
    1399Flag of FranceChristy REBUTTINIDucati--.---
    1411Flag of FranceGérald MUTEAUYamaha--.---
    1567Flag of FranceJean-Louis TRANOISYamaha--.---
    1635Flag of FranceJuan-Eric GOMEZSuzuki--.---
    1719Flag of FranceEmmanuel LENTAIGNEHonda--.---
    1840Flag of FranceYannick LE GAUDUYamaha--.---
    1932Flag of FranceBernard ANDRAULTKawasaki--.---
    2018Flag of FranceFrédéric DELEUHonda--.---
    218Flag of FranceFranck QUETIERDucati--.---
    2247Flag of YugoslaviaDragoslav PERIŠIĆKawasaki--.---
    2341Flag of FranceDidier BEAUVAISSuzuki--.---
    2423Flag of FranceGilles FONTAINEHonda--.---
    (25)77Flag of FranceFrancis FRICAUDYamaha--.---

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.


    Official results/ France Moto Magazine n283 pg6/ France Moto Magazine n285 pg10⁠-⁠11/ La Lettre de France Moto 1993⁠-⁠09⁠-⁠06/ Moto Journal n1099/ Moto Revue n3101 pg30⁠-⁠32