1993-05-08 to 1993-05-09

Campeonato Nacional de Velocidade - Superbike

Vilamoura (Temporary road circuit, 2.5000 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: 30 / Qualified: 29

Map of Vilamoura circuit.


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  • 8 May, Sat
  • No results.Free Practice 1
  • No results.Free Practice 2
  • 9 May, Sun
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  • Race 1

    Scheduled duration: 25 laps
    Started: 15 / Classified: 14

    Scheduled start time: 14:15
    Weather: Cloudy / Track: Dry

    13Flag of PortugalAlexandre LARANJEIRASuzuki
    21Flag of PortugalPedro BAPTISTAYamaha
    317Flag of PortugalRui CARVALHOKawasaki
    412Flag of PortugalEduardo PAULAYamaha
    534Flag of PortugalJosé PEREIRAYamaha
    64Flag of PortugalJoão RAMADADucati
    79Flag of PortugalVitor FIDALGOYamaha
    819Flag of PortugalAgostinho VIEIRAKawasaki
    970Flag of PortugalJoão FONTAINHASKawasaki
    1032Flag of PortugalJoaquim PEREIRAHonda
    1136Flag of PortugalAugusto MACHADOSuzuki
    127Flag of PortugalMário DIASKawasaki
    1328Flag of PortugalAntónio CAMPOSYamaha
    1414Flag of PortugalJosé Marques PEREIRASuzuki
    RT24Flag of PortugalJosé TEIXEIRAKawasaki
    NS27Flag of PortugalTomás COUTOHonda
    NS72Flag of PortugalArtur MARTINSHonda
    NS54Flag of PortugalLuis CATARINOHonda
    NS5Flag of PortugalManuel DUARTEHonda
    NS61Flag of PortugalRui VIEIRAHonda
    NS69Flag of PortugalAndré MACHADOHonda
    NS10Flag of PortugalJorge SANTOSHonda
    NS29Flag of PortugalFelisberto TEIXEIRASuzuki
    NS37Flag of PortugalAntónio MAGALHÃES Honda
    NS11Flag of PortugalJoão FERREIRAHonda
    NS38Flag of PortugalHenrique BERNARDOHonda
    NS18Flag of Portugal“PANCHO”Yamaha
    NS35Flag of PortugalPedro ABREUHonda
    NS47Flag of PortugalMiguel COELHOHonda

    Official results/ Official points table/ 1993⁠-⁠xx⁠-⁠xx RTP Rotações TV report/ Anuário FNM 1994 pg53