1995-08-04 to 1995-08-06

European Superbike European Round

Brands Hatch (Permanent circuit, 4.1850 km)
Attendance: 45,000
Entries: 46 / Practised: 38 / Qualified: 36

Map of Brands Hatch circuit.


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  • 4 Aug, Fri
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  • 5 Aug, Sat
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  • 6 Aug, Sun
  • No results.Warm-Up
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  • Free Practice

    Scheduled duration: 30 mins
    Started: 32 / Classified: 32

    Scheduled start time: 14:45
    Weather: ? / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeBest LapGapKM/HOnLaps
    139Flag of Great BritainIain DUFFUSDucati1:33.40161.3117
    277Flag of Great BritainBrett SAMPSONKawasaki1:33.650.25160.8815
    364Flag of Great BritainLee PULLANKawasaki1:34.260.86159.835
    424Flag of ItalyMario INNAMORATIDucati1:34.991.59158.619
    51Flag of ItalyLuca RUGGERIKawasaki1:35.341.94158.0213
    646Flag of Great BritainGraham WARDKawasaki1:35.792.39157.2814
    713Flag of ItalyMario AGNOLETTIDucati1:35.902.50157.1014
    82Flag of ItalyMarco BURNELLIDucati1:36.042.64156.8715
    925Flag of Great BritainDave REDGATEYamaha1:36.322.92156.429
    1037Flag of Great BritainSteve ELLISKawasaki1:36.433.03156.247
    118Flag of Great BritainRichard DEFAGOKawasaki1:36.473.07156.175
    123Flag of ItalyMauro MASTRELLIDucati1:37.043.64155.2616
    1348Flag of Great BritainGraeme RITCHIEDucati1:37.353.95154.7613
    1423Flag of DenmarkRené PRANGYamaha1:37.444.04154.6216
    154Flag of SwitzerlandAlain SCHORDERETHonda1:37.674.27154.2516
    165Flag of BelgiumDanny SCHILDERMANSDucati1:37.814.41154.0313
    179Flag of FranceAlain LELANDucati1:37.974.57153.7815
    1832Flag of Great BritainSteve MARKSKawasaki1:38.154.75153.5015
    1950Flag of Great BritainKim LOGANKawasaki1:38.655.25152.7217
    2011Flag of NetherlandsAlfred COLETHonda1:38.765.36152.5518
    2116Flag of NetherlandsJoop BOSCHKawasaki1:39.095.69152.0416
    2229Flag of Great BritainJames BUNTONYamaha1:39.145.74151.9716
    2333Flag of SwedenAnders LILJASuzuki1:39.375.97151.6216
    2421Flag of Great BritainNigel NOTTINGHAMYamaha1:39.556.15151.349
    2514Flag of AustriaGerhard ESTERERKawasaki1:39.646.24151.2016
    267Flag of SwitzerlandClaude-Alain JÄGGIHonda1:39.696.29151.1314
    2751Flag of SwitzerlandYves MATTHEYKawasaki1:40.326.92150.1817
    2810Flag of SwitzerlandMichel PASSAVANTIKawasaki1:41.177.77148.9215
    296Flag of NorwayJan Olav NOTENGSuzuki1:41.277.87148.7713
    3053Flag of Great BritainJohn BENNETTKawasaki1:41.598.19148.309
    3131Flag of SwedenJonas SVENSSONKawasaki1:41.778.37148.0417
    3266Flag of FranceGérald MUTEAUDucati7:38.856:05.4532.831

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