1998-10-16 to 1998-10-18

TI Superbike Race

TI Aida (Permanent circuit, 3.7020 km)
Attendance: 18,259
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: 34

Map of TI Aida circuit.


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  • 17 Oct, Sat
  • No results.Qualifying 1
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  • 18 Oct, Sun
  • Results are available.Warm-Up
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  • Overall qualifying

    15Flag of JapanShin'ichi ITOHonda1:46.980124.58
    28Flag of JapanTamaki SERIZAWAKawasaki1:48.060123.33
    39Flag of JapanKeiichi KITAGAWASuzuki1:48.068123.32
    436Flag of JapanTakahiro SOHWAHonda1:48.428122.91
    56Flag of JapanAkira RYOSuzuki1:48.662122.65
    67Flag of JapanShin'ya TAKEISHIKawasaki1:49.020122.25
    73Flag of JapanYuichi TAKEDAHonda1:49.378121.85
    867Flag of JapanNaoto OGURASuzuki1:50.305120.82
    94Flag of JapanWataru YOSHIKAWAYamaha1:50.448120.66
    1013Flag of JapanManabu KAMADAHonda1:51.627119.39
    1144Flag of JapanYoshinobu TAKAHASHIHonda1:51.696119.32
    1255Flag of JapanYoshihiko TAKATSUTOHonda1:52.350118.62
    1312Flag of JapanHitoyasu IZUTSUKawasaki1:52.565118.40
    1419Flag of JapanOsamu NISHIJIMAKawasaki1:52.874118.07
    1568Flag of JapanHiroaki KAWASESuzuki1:53.394117.53
    1647Flag of JapanHideki ONISHIKawasaki1:53.799117.11
    1762S-NKFlag of JapanMasaru MIZUTANISuzuki1:54.027116.88
    1857S-NKFlag of JapanTadashi OSHIMAHonda1:54.152116.75
    1934Flag of JapanTakahiro FUKAMIYamaha1:54.349116.55
    2017Flag of JapanYuji HARAGUCHIHonda1:54.412116.48
    2140Flag of JapanKazuki SHIMIZUKawasaki1:54.446116.45
    2284S-NKFlag of JapanTakatoshi ONISHIYamaha1:54.515116.38
    2351Flag of JapanKensuke HAGAYamaha1:54.756116.14
    2452Flag of JapanHiroshi SAEKIKawasaki1:54.908115.98
    2530Flag of JapanTakuma YAMAMOTOKawasaki1:55.587115.30
    2670Flag of JapanHiroki KOBAYASHISuzuki1:56.053114.84
    2716Flag of JapanKatsunori HASEGAWAYamaha1:56.379114.52
    2854Flag of JapanShuichi SHIMIZUKawasaki1:56.725114.18
    2924Flag of JapanYukihiro AOYANAGIYamaha1:56.857114.05
    3056Flag of JapanShogo TAKEMIYamaha1:56.917113.99
    3153Flag of JapanYoichi OKADAKawasaki1:57.462113.46
    3249Flag of JapanYoshinori KAMIMURAHonda1:57.818113.12
    3348S-NKFlag of JapanShin'ichiro IMAIKawasaki1:57.931113.01
    3442S-NKFlag of JapanMinoru OUCHIDAKawasaki2:01.571109.62

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.


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