1996 Internationales Deutsche Strassenmeisterschaft

Points system

Riders Championship: 1st: 25; 2nd: 20; 3rd: 16; 4th: 13; 5th: 11; 6th: 10; 7th: 9; 8th: 8; 9th: 7; 10th: 6; 11th: 5; 12th: 4; 13th: 3; 14th: 2; 15th: 1.

Manufacturers Championship: Points awarded to all top-15 finishers for each manufacturer, according to the same system as the Riders Championship. The 1996-05-19 Nürburgring event was not organised by Moto Motion and was not counted towards the Manufacturers Championship.

Riders Championship

P.RiderTotalGapFlag of GermanySPEFlag of GermanySPEFlag of GermanyNURFlag of GermanyNURFlag of GermanySACFlag of GermanySACFlag of Czech RepublicMOSFlag of Czech RepublicMOSFlag of BelgiumZOLFlag of BelgiumZOLFlag of GermanyNURFlag of GermanyNURFlag of AustriaA1RFlag of AustriaA1RFlag of GermanyHOCFlag of GermanyHOC
1Flag of SwedenChrister LINDHOLM268.5025252516252512.52525202520
2Flag of GermanyJochen SCHMID203-65.5252013161111202013131625
3Flag of GermanyUdo MARK194-74.51316112013161681616162013
4Flag of AustriaAndreas MEKLAU186.5-8210716131316254.51020251116
5Flag of Great BritainBrian MORRISON173-95.52011209825131310201311
6Flag of SwitzerlandRoger KELLENBERGER151.5-1171325202020116.581099
7Flag of GermanyBernhard SCHICK128-140.516102520119910477
8Flag of GermanyHerbert KAUFMANN88-180.5837891010311910
9Flag of GermanyMichael RUDROFF84-184.591010106988410
10Flag of AustraliaRob PHILLIS60-208.59115111311
11Flag of SwitzerlandAndreas HOFMANN55.5-2131169542.56741
12Flag of GermanyAnton GRUSCHKA49-219.5547748135113
13Flag of SwitzerlandEric MAILLARD47-221.5277210676
14Flag of GermanyAndré FRIEDRICH40-228.57865833
15Flag of SwitzerlandMarcel KELLENBERGER36.5-232980.5595
16Flag of GermanyFritz EINBERGER33-235.5154634514
17Flag of GermanyRainer JÄNISCH32.5-2368783.524
18Flag of South AfricaJonnie EKEROLD32-236.51616
19Flag of GermanyThomas OCHSENREITER28-240.522454533
20Flag of GermanyGerhard GILLES24-244.51311
21Flag of SwedenPeter LINDÉN20.5-24865.59
22Flag of GermanyMichael GALINSKI20-248.5713
23Flag of GermanyLothar KRAUS19-249.51081
24Flag of FinlandErkka KORPIAHO18.5-2501.5467
25Flag of GermanyHeinz PLATACIS18-250.513266
26Flag of BelgiumMichael PAQUAY16-252.588
27Flag of GermanyMartin KRATZER15-253.51113
28Flag of GermanyTim RÖTHIG13-255.567
29Flag of GermanyAlexander SCHADEN10-258.510
30Flag of AustraliaSteve MARTIN10-258.555
31Flag of GermanyJörg SCHMIDT9-259.59
32Flag of GermanyBruno BAUMANN9-259.536
33Flag of HungaryÁrpád HARMATI9-259.545
34Flag of GermanyHarry FATH9-259.513212
35Flag of AustriaRobert MITTER8-260.562
36Flag of FinlandJuha BERNER8-260.5332
37Flag of GermanyMarkus RISI7-261.525
38Flag of SwedenJörgen HÅLLINDER6-262.56
39Flag of GermanyMichael ALT5-263.55
40Flag of GermanyMichael TRÄNKLEIN4-264.54
41Flag of GermanyGuido STÜSSER4-264.54
42Flag of GermanyJohannes WEHRLE4-264.513
43Flag of GermanyRalph STELZER2-266.52
44Flag of AustriaWolfgang BAUER2-266.52
45Flag of GermanyUwe POLLHEIDE2-266.52
46Flag of GermanyBernd CASPERS2-266.52
47Flag of GermanyMarcel MENDEL2-266.52
48Flag of GermanyUwe WILHELM1-267.51
49Flag of SwitzerlandAlain SCHORDERET1-267.51
50Flag of SwitzerlandPaul LEUTHARD1-267.51
51Flag of GermanyKlaus-Peter ALBERT1-267.51