1991-07-06 to 1991-07-07

Championnat de France Superbike

Carole (Permanent circuit, 2.0570 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: 41 / Qualified: 25

Race 2

Scheduled duration: 20 laps
Started: 22 / Classified: 23

Scheduled start time: ?
Weather: Sunny / Track: Dry

P.#RiderBikeLapsTimeGapKM/HBest LapOnGr.
11Flag of FranceJean Yves MOUNIERYamaha1819:09.29115.981:03.111
23Flag of PortugalAlex VIEIRAKawasaki1819:10.030.74115.901:03.352
32Flag of FranceJean-Michel MATTIOLIYamaha1819:11.522.23115.751:03.354
416Flag of FranceJéhan D'ORGEIXKawasaki1819:16.297.00115.281:03.346
535Flag of FrancePhilippe MOUCHETYamaha1819:19.8810.59114.921:03.378
619Flag of FranceChristian LAVIEILLEDucati1819:31.8122.52113.751:04.1911
732Flag of FranceJean-Marc DELÉTANGSuzuki1819:32.6123.32113.671:04.529
851Flag of FranceBruno BONHUILYamaha1819:35.1225.83113.431:04.2412
97Flag of FrancePhilippe GRILLETYamaha1819:37.1527.86113.231:04.6914
1020Flag of FranceBruno LANGLOISHonda1819:41.4232.13112.821:04.91
116Flag of FranceDidier HAMDIYamaha1819:43.4334.14112.631:04.81
1217Flag of FranceHernani TEIXEIRAYamaha1819:52.5443.25111.771:05.00
1333Flag of FranceThierry PELLETANTHonda1820:07.4258.13110.401:05.33
RT13Flag of FranceGérald MUTEAUHonda1313:57.66---114.921:03.627
RT11Flag of FranceMichel ROBERTDucati1213:16.57---111.561:05.08
RT10Flag of FranceEmmanuel LENTAIGNEYamaha1112:29.42Footrest108.691:03.435
RT15Flag of FranceChristophe MOUZINKawasaki1011:06.91---111.041:05.03
RT18Flag of FranceYannick LE GAUDUYamaha910:18.99---107.671:05.78
RT28Flag of FranceLouis-Luc MAISTODucati66:49.40---108.531:06.86
RT78Flag of FranceStéphane COUTELLEKawasaki33:23.64---109.09--.---
RT8Flag of FranceAndré LUSSIANAHonda1--.--------.---10
NR14Flag of FranceThierry CRINEKawasakiAccident3
NS94Flag of FranceChristophe GUYOTHondaNot started13
NS24Flag of FranceJean-Louis TRANOISYamahaNot started
NS27Flag of FranceClaude ARCIEROYamahaNot started
NS42Flag of FranceBernard ANDRAULTKawasakiNot started
NS48Flag of FranceMarc GRANIÉYamahaNot started
Fastest lap1Flag of FranceJean Yves MOUNIERYamaha1:03.11117.34 km/h

Red-flagged on lap 1 due to accident involving Crine, Lussiana & Mounier. Re-started over 18 laps.

Rider notes

#27 Arciero: Promoted to grid as first reserve rider.

#14 Crine: Did not take re-start.

#28 Maisto: Promoted to grid as second reserve rider.

#24 Tranois: Withdrew after qualifying.


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