1991-04-13 to 1991-04-14

Pro-Superbike Championship

Speyer (Airfield circuit, 2.4300 km)
Entries: 43 / Practised: 42 / Qualified: 36

Map of Speyer circuit.

Entry list

1Flag of SwitzerlandAndreas HOFMANN35Michelin tyresHonda RC30Eckert-Motorradtechnik
2Flag of GermanyRolf ALJES?Honda RC30
3Flag of GermanyAnton HEILER32Dunlop tyresYamaha OW01Yamaha-Emonts Racing Team
4Flag of GermanyThomas FRANZ27Michelin tyresHonda RC30Team Ditter Plastic
5Flag of GermanyWolfgang HAMBACH?Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZXR750Jung Kawasaki Racing
7Flag of GermanySven SEIDEL28Dunlop tyresSuzuki GSX-R750Suzuki Deutschland Racing
8Flag of GermanyPeter RUBATTO35Michelin tyresYamaha OW01Yamaha Laaks Racing Team
9Flag of GermanyGerald SÜTSCH?Kawasaki ZXR750Roadrunner Motorradtechnik
10Flag of GermanyMichael GALINSKI32Dunlop tyresHonda RC30JF-Team Wellbrock & Co.
11Flag of GermanyLutz FAHR?Honda RC30Thiede-Power-Racing-Team
12Flag of GermanyRobert BIBUS?Suzuki GSX-R750
14Flag of GermanyHarry FATH?Honda RC30
15Flag of GermanyThomas STOCKER22Dunlop tyresSuzuki GSX-R750Team Motorrad-Magazin MO
16Flag of GermanyThomas WEBER?Honda RC30Moto Kram Racing Team
17Flag of GermanyUdo MARK27Dunlop tyresYamaha OW01Mitsui-Yamaha-Racing-Team
18Flag of GermanyErnst GSCHWENDER35Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZXR750Team Green Kawasaki Deutschland
19Flag of GermanyManfred FISCHER32Dunlop tyresBimota YB4EIMünch Industrieservice
20Flag of SwitzerlandEdwin WEIBEL34Dunlop tyresHonda RC30Swiss MSW Team
21Flag of GermanyWilliam JUNG?Kawasaki ZXR750Team Kawadrom
22Flag of GermanyAnton GRUSCHKA27Metzeler tyresSuzuki GSX-R750
23Flag of GermanyHans-Jürgen GROSS?Dunlop tyresSuzuki GSX-R750Suzuki Deutschland Racing
25Flag of BelgiumDieter HEINEN?Suzuki GSX-R750Schäfer Motorsport
26Flag of GermanyHans GRATZL?Honda RC30
27Flag of GermanyJürgen FOSS?Kawasaki ZXR750Krenzer Motorräder
28Flag of GermanyWilhelm FRIEDL?Suzuki GSX-R750Zweirad Hofmann Racing
29Flag of GermanyAlfred SCHMID?Suzuki GSX-R750Zweirad Hofmann Racing
30Flag of AustriaStefan KLABACHER32Michelin tyresHonda RC30
31Flag of GermanyJulius ILMBERGER22DucatiAutomobil-Club München von 1903 e.V.
32Flag of GermanyElmar GEULEN33Suzuki GSX-R750
33Flag of GermanyHans HAGELOCH?Michelin tyresHonda RC30International AGV/MDS-Racing-Team
34Flag of GermanyHarald DIETERLE?Honda RC30Team Aichquelle
35Flag of GermanyHeinz PLATACIS30Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZXR750Modeka Collection
36Flag of GermanyHartmut MÜLLER?Kawasaki ZXR750
37Flag of GermanyHorst QUINT?SuzukiRG Wemmetsweiler e.V.
38Flag of GermanyLeonhard SCHILLER29Suzuki GSX-R750Suzuki Team F+M Motorräder
40Flag of GermanyBernhard SCHICK28Michelin tyresDucati 851Münch Industrieservice Weigl/Thomé Racing Team
44Flag of AustraliaRob PHILLIS34Michelin tyresKawasaki ZXR750Team Green Kawasaki Deutschland
45Flag of GermanyBernhard POPP?Suzuki GSX-R750
46Flag of GermanyAndreas MOLL?Honda RC30R.S. Rallye Sport Racing Team
47Flag of GermanyBernd CASPERS?Michelin tyresDucati 851Münch Industrieservice Weigl/Thomé Racing Team
48Flag of HungaryÁrpád HARMATI27Michelin tyresHonda RC30Eagle Racing Team
50Flag of GermanyThomas ZUCKSCHWERDT?Yamaha OW01Team Devil/Bodo Schmidt Motorsport
51Flag of HungaryImre GYŐRI?HondaHunor MSC Budapest

Struck out text denotes riders on entry list who did not participate.


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