1992-05-29 to 1992-05-31

Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaft für FIM-Superbike

Salzburgring (Permanent circuit, 4.2430 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: 28

Map of Salzburgring circuit.


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  • 30 May, Sat
  • No results.Qualifying 1
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  • 31 May, Sun
  • Results are available.Race
  • Entry list

    2Flag of AustriaKarl TRUCHSESS27Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZXR750
    3Flag of AustriaStefan KLABACHER33Ducati 851
    5Flag of AustriaAnton RECHBERGER33Michelin tyresYamaha OW01
    6Flag of AustriaAndreas MEKLAU24Dunlop tyresDucati 888
    9Flag of AustriaJohann WIEDER?Kawasaki
    10Flag of AustriaFranz PFEFFERKORN33Kawasaki ZXR750
    11Flag of AustriaHelmut HELTEN27Kawasaki ZXR750
    12Flag of AustriaHans Peter KLAMPFER38Dunlop tyresYamaha OW01
    14Flag of AustriaReinhard SCHMID?Kawasaki
    15Flag of AustriaAndreas MÜHLBAUER?Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZXR750
    16Flag of AustriaMichael SCHÖN?Suzuki
    17Flag of AustriaAnton BERGHAMMER37Dunlop tyresYamaha OW01
    18Flag of AustriaPeter BÜHRER33Kawasaki
    19Flag of AustriaFranz KOSKARTI?Bimota
    20Flag of AustriaHans-Jürgen ENZESBERGER?Kawasaki
    21Flag of AustriaFriedrich GRAUS39Kawasaki
    24Flag of AustriaAnton LANG26Honda
    25Flag of AustriaEdwin Adolf MARTE?Kawasaki
    29Flag of AustriaHelmut STICHALLER31Honda
    30Flag of AustriaGerhard TRIEBNIG51Suzuki
    33Flag of GermanyThomas FRIEDRICH?Dunlop tyresKawasaki ZXR750
    34Flag of AustriaMatthias KRONBERGER?Kawasaki
    35Flag of GermanyGerald SÜTSCH?Kawasaki ZXR750
    36Flag of AustriaJohann PARZER42Yamaha
    37Flag of AustriaHans Dieter SCHLOSSER23Kawasaki
    38Flag of GermanyThomas OCHSENREITER30Michelin tyresKawasaki ZXR750
    39Flag of AustraliaOwen COLES?Dunlop tyresDucati 851
    45Flag of GermanyPeter RUBATTO36Michelin tyresYamaha
    50Flag of AustriaMartin KOBERGER?Kawasaki

    Struck out text denotes riders on entry list who did not participate.


    Official results/ Official points table/ MOTOR SPORT aktuell 1992⁠-⁠06⁠-⁠03 pg38