1992-05-29 to 1992-05-31

Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaft für FIM-Superbike

Salzburgring (Permanent circuit, 4.2430 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: 28

Map of Salzburgring circuit.


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  • 30 May, Sat
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  • 31 May, Sun
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    Scheduled duration: ?
    Started: 28 / Classified: 26

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: Sunny / Track: Dry

    12Flag of AustriaKarl TRUCHSESSKawasaki1014:09.389179.83
    26Flag of AustriaAndreas MEKLAUDucati104.170178.95
    339Flag of AustraliaOwen COLESDucati1011.534177.42
    445Flag of GermanyPeter RUBATTOYamaha1023.465175.00
    538Flag of GermanyThomas OCHSENREITERKawasaki1030.394173.62
    633Flag of GermanyThomas FRIEDRICHKawasaki1032.181173.27
    715Flag of AustriaAndreas MÜHLBAUERKawasaki1032.810173.14
    810Flag of AustriaFranz PFEFFERKORNKawasaki1034.973172.72
    95Flag of AustriaAnton RECHBERGERYamaha1035.188172.68
    1017Flag of AustriaAnton BERGHAMMERYamaha1050.580169.73
    113Flag of AustriaStefan KLABACHERDucati1050.847169.68
    1212Flag of AustriaHans Peter KLAMPFERYamaha101:02.931167.43
    1335Flag of GermanyGerald SÜTSCHKawasaki101:04.807167.08
    1420Flag of AustriaHans-Jürgen ENZESBERGERKawasaki101:05.311166.99
    1511Flag of AustriaHelmut HELTENKawasaki101:05.543166.95
    1636Flag of AustriaJohann PARZERYamaha101:09.219166.28
    1729Flag of AustriaHelmut STICHALLERHonda101:09.461166.24
    1837Flag of AustriaHans Dieter SCHLOSSERKawasaki101:11.953165.79
    1918Flag of AustriaPeter BÜHRERKawasaki101:14.335165.36
    2014Flag of AustriaReinhard SCHMIDKawasaki101:15.359165.18
    2121Flag of AustriaFriedrich GRAUSKawasaki101:16.519164.97
    2216Flag of AustriaMichael SCHÖNSuzuki101:29.417162.70
    2324Flag of AustriaAnton LANGHonda101:29.934162.61
    2434Flag of AustriaMatthias KRONBERGERKawasaki101:30.738162.48
    2525Flag of AustriaEdwin Adolf MARTEKawasaki101:32.345162.20
    2630Flag of AustriaGerhard TRIEBNIGSuzuki82 laps137.51
    RT9Flag of AustriaJohann WIEDERKawasaki7---
    RT19Flag of AustriaFranz KOSKARTIBimota0---
    NS50Flag of AustriaMartin KOBERGERKawasakiNot started
    Fastest lap2Flag of AustriaKarl TRUCHSESSKawasaki1:23.788182.30 km/h

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